2007 New Or Used Kawasaki Motorcycle for Sale $1,600

New Or Used Kawasaki 2007 Kawasaki KFX 50 Today's Quote $1,600

  • Year: 2007
  • Make:Kawasaki
  • Model:KFX 50
  • Type:Sport
  • Class:All Terrain Vehicle
  • Location: Findlay, OH
  • Mileage:
  • inventory:
  • Color:White

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2007 Global Kawasaki Motorcycles Brand Inquiry KFX 50, Motorcycle brand new market price

2007 Kawasaki KFX 50, Two Very clean trade ins. Findlay location! - Unbeatable features and functionality for younger riders. The KFX50 is a best in class ATV perfect for beginning riders age six years and older. The KFX50 combines an environmentally friendly four-stroke air-cooled engine with solid handling, especially important for young riders. A wide 35-inch stance makes the KFX50 stable in turns, while full floorboards provide extra comfort for the rider. Though it is a compact entry level ATV, features like electric Starting, single-shock swingarm rear suspension, A-arm front suspension, dual front drum and single rear disc brakes, means the KFX50 offers similar styling and features to the larger KFX models. An adjustable throttle stop, CVT transmission speed limiter and lanyard safety switch allow the rider's confidence and skill levels to increase while parental control is maintained. Once riders are confident enough to operate the KFX50 on their own, parents can still maintain control over operation of the ATV, thanks to the keyed ignition which helps to prevent unauthorized use. Authentic Kawasaki Accessories are available through Kawasaki dealers or they can be purchased on the Internet at . As with all off-highway vehicle recreation, Kawasaki encourages ATV riders to ride responsibly and to respect the environment. Kawasaki will pay first-time buyers of a new Kawasaki ATV $100 for completing an ATV rider safety course conducted by the ATV Safety Institute (ASI). Interested consumers can call ASI toll-free at 800-887-2887., New Or Used Kawasaki Motorcycles Sales $1,600 , 2007 Kawasaki KFX 50 A plurality of color White,Brand Launch Findlay, OH here Kawasaki.COM.

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  • See more photos Kawasaki KFX 50, 2007 Global motorcycle brand supply
  • See more photos Kawasaki KFX 50, 2007 Global motorcycle brand supply
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